Two Pairs of Socks.


I have slowly been knitting 2 pairs of socks for my hubby. I thought that I knew the pattern inside out, having knitted so many pairs of socks  in the past.I couldn’t remember how to turn a heel or how to the kitchener  stitch to do the toes. Then with both pairs I made one sock too short. I have now marked the ruler with a Sharpie so I hope that helps on the next pair.

The blue pair with the Trekking (XXL) yarn was first, just 2×2 rib. The first sock had a white section and I thought that another white band would appear in the rest of the ball somewhere but no, that was the only white section in that ball.

The next pair was with Stroll Tonal in Kindling from Knit picks.  I started in a 2×2 rib but then switched to a Fibonacci sequence over 17 stitches per needle.So 1P,2K 3P, 5K, 3P, 2K, 1P per needle. So 6 weeks of tv knitting, time now to go on to something else.

I started another pair of socks for him.




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