Making a 6 pac for a vacation.

Stitcher’s Guild has had a series of 6 pac wardrobe making sew a longs  per season going now for a few years. I have often felt like joining but never ever sewed much and nothing ever went together. So this year I have completed more than a 6 pac . It started with those two pairs of linen pants that didn’t fit at all well but I continued to persevere and started another pair again in linen, green this time, did the flat seat adjustment and took off the saddlebags down the thigh. Things are looking better. I was so enthused that I took in the legs in the first two pairs.  But alas, more is still needed to be removed. I have had the fabric for so long, I don’t know where it came from. The green linen was a factory closeout and I think there was 12 yards or so on the bolt that I bought.

I had enough of a lightweight blouse fabric to make a woven tank and a button front blouse and although the necklines seem a little big, I am fairly happy with the results.

The third blouse I only had a limited amount of fabric and made a short sleeve top which is a bit on the tight side but I this still wearable, although arm movement is somewhat restricted.

The fourth blouse is a poorly matched plaid, but I did do a full bust adjustment and left out the darts in the waist and I love how this blouse makes me feel.

I still am thinking of the overblouse in the sheer and a green linen skirt with a narrow band in the sheer near the hem. If I manage it all I will have nine pieces, I’d say that is a win-win!

August 20th update, 3 pairs of pants, that green linen still needs to be fixed, 5 blouses, 2 dresses. Redoing the overblouse, I wasn’t sure I had both front and back with the same side of the fabric facing out. so doing a bit of a redo.

I just published the dress details and other blog posts are nearly ready to go.   A good portion was from my stash, the linens, the rayon, so happy to use up those pieces.

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  1. fabrickated
    Aug 26, 2015 @ 09:36:07

    Sounds like a great plan Rosemary. I want to do one of these summer 6PACs (or 9PACs) one year. Just now I seem to be doing a scatter gun approach.


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