Starting something new

I sorted out my lace a couple of weeks ago, I think I  found it all. I have been collecting for years, use a little tiny amount when I was making dolls. I bought some each time I found something interesting. Christine’s Lingerie used to be manufactured in West Vancouver and once a year she would have a big sale and that included her fabrics and laces. I was usually a cheapskate and would get a grab bag of lace, or silk or chiffon offcuts.

Those lovely colours were so inspiring. I also followed several blogs by women who were making wonderful lingerie. Lately, I have been following emeralderin and her bra a week now at week 20 and the inspiring sewers.  I also took a bra making course from Craftsy from Beverly Johnson. I have signed up for the designer techniques as well.  I have ordered the Classic bra pattern and the ivory supply kit, from BraMakers Supply in Hamilton, Ont. It is cut out. So hope to get to it over the weekend. I’ll be in Toronto soon, so if I have problems, I’d like to be able to ask for help

IMG_2457 IMG_2456

Some have stretch, some is yardage, various widths, and colours.  Excuse the strap from the camera in the first photo, but the pink embroidered one and the black trimmed were bought in Yalta, the sales clerk thought I should buy more, I wish I had now of course, at the time the language barrier intimidated me a bit.

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