I was proud of my effort.

I sewed up a couple of pairs of pants gathered at the waist. It has been my go to pattern for a number of years, a ratty tissue from Simplicity 6191. Since it already had been altered at one time. I forged on ahead. I wanted to try the pants in linen, as that is my favorite summer material. I am planning a travel wardrobe for the fall which will include London, England and Istanbul plus sailing. I used a couple of well aged pieces of linen from the stash both blues, don’t have much to wear with either one,  So the first pair I did with hong kong seam finished, cut lovely rayon bias and applied to the best of my ability, each seam was progressively better than the last, but I don’t think any of my sewing teachers would have given me more than a pass. But I am still willing to improve my craft. I will have to draft a new pattern.  I will not be discussing my attempt of jeans.

Have I never done a shot of my back side before?

Heck I went our shopping anyway and will wear them a lot. It is not like I have never had a baggy pants  before now. LOL


I will just keep walking forward and perhaps a long drapey tunic to the knees is called for, but that might be a bit warm. At least the elastic waist is the right size and dose not slip or gape, I usually just use a a length of selvedge.This pair is quite a bit darker than the photo shows and my other pair is close to this colour but are just below the knee in length.


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