Health and a new scarf.

I have had a couple of slow weeks. The weeks went by quickly, but I am moving slowly. I got a new mouthguard for night time. The fit wasn’t quite right, I had one change made but it is still giving me grief. Sore neck, shoulders, cheeks etc. I have physio with a TMJ specialist this week and then will take her recommendations to the dentist. I am using my old guard for the time being. It seems to throw the rest of me off as well. I am so tired, I have cut back on exercise.

I saw the physio yesterday, I feel much better today, trying something new.
In the meantime, I knit a scarf of my own design, Rowan Tweed in a reversible design. It is in the finished pile now, but still needs the ends woven in, and maybe a button. It is pretty short, it took 2 balls, so it just really keeps one’s neck warm.IMG_1004
I have been playing with a hat as well, so My second attempt appears to be better than my first attempt. I saw a hat of fabric that I loved and would like to do one in felt and velvet as well. I am using the Hurricane hat pattern from Ravelry and will attempt to add a stuffed tube around the bottom edge. I discovered an error in row 1,  the count was wrong. So it is ripped out.
I have to curtail the knitting as the hands are hurting as well.


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  1. Stephanie V
    Mar 15, 2013 @ 16:59:19

    Sorry you’re suffering so much. Nothing seems to be fun when you hurt, does it? The scarf is a pretty color for spring and we still have some reason to wear something to keep our necks warm.


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