Update on my Kobo

Every time I find out something new that my Kobo Vox can do, I am quite delighted. So lately, I downloaded my first magazine, it was free and I decided on a food magazine. I have be connected to wi-Fi so it is no good to read on the plane, that was mostly what I wanted it for.  But it is easy to navigate.

Now I play scrabble with my son, surf you-tube videos, go to facebook, read the news, get my library books on line even when I’m in a different city, go to Ravelry.  I haven’t managed to post to ravelry yet from it.  I sure like just touching the screen, I was never any good with the mouse on the notebook  or laptop.

I have read a lot this year. Over 30 books on the reader and some hardcovers as well.  Knitting books I find a little cumbersome, as with cook books, maybe it is just me, unable to flip back and forth bothers me. I can quickly tell if it is a book worth reading in hardcover. I have read a ton of mysteries, discovered new detctives and writers. I have read excellent books on China, Afghanistan, and India.

Some of my favorites have been:

The Girl from Junchow by Kate Furnivall.

Miss chopsticks by Esther Tyldesley.

Whirlpool by Jane Urquhart.

Sister Queens by Julie Hale.

Lady in Gold by Anne Marie O’Connor.

Ape House by Sara Gruen.

Letters to my Daughter(s) by Fawzia Koofi.

Sideways on a Scooter by Miranda Kennedy.


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