I was quite intrigued when I saw Wingspan on Ravelry. I liked all the angles and how it was supposed to be easy. Even before I finished the Burmuda scarf, I knew that this woulf be the next project.

I went over to Baaad Anna’s to see her store, it has been open 3 years this summer and this was the first time I made it. I called once to inquire and the person who answered was so helpful, I decided to go over in person. I got some blocking wires and one ball of Poems sock yarn, colour toast, for the Wingspan pattern.

Somehow, I can still manage to screw up garter stitch, but I love that pattern and it is fun to see the various wings take shape. The Poems is a little hard for me to work with, sticky and uneven and some of the fluffy bits pulled right apart but there are lovely colours available. It is a lovely soft yarn. I sure can’t get the colour right in my photos. There is more brown tones throughout.

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