bucket lists

I have always written lists and find that most of them start with I must get organized. I rarely write grocery lists but I think I have covered every other type of list. I think it is the crossing off of items I like the most. I have found old lists of sewing items made in a year, christmas lists for presents and cards.  But now all the talk is bucket lists.

When sailing a few years ago with friends, one quiet night we made the bucket list. Nine months had passed when the couple stayed with us again, and none of us had even looked at the list.  My husband thought it was time to get going, and immediately started planning a trip to Greece. A few months, later we were there.  The list gets pulled out now and then and it is amazing how many things have been accomplished and enjoyed. I think once it is written down, if the possiblitly comes up, you go for it.

Now no big trips are planned for the next year and we always seem to go through the list on each sailing vacation, so who knows what will be added this year.

Each hobby has an accompaning list.

I just bought a new book, The Knitters Life List,  my what a glorious lot of suggestions and ideas to contemplate. The one thing on my knitter’s list was making gloves this year.  There is a whole world of possiblity out there. 300 pages of types of yarn, designers, yarn dyers, sheep festivals, ideas for patterns.   Where ito find patterns and what ever else that you need.

This Saturday, I’ll be taking a silver smithing course,  with a friend.  It has been a decade since I did any of this, just been collecting supplies and tools in the meantime.


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  1. Stephanie V
    Mar 14, 2012 @ 14:57:36

    You are one of the most organized people I know! Making lists is proof of that to me. I can’t even get to making the list LOL

    Have a great time at the course. It sounds like so much fun.


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