Gluten free and loving it.

It is nearly the end of February and  knitting slowly progresses. Sewing is more or less at a standstill. I have been mainly thinking bout my food.

Both my hubby and I are currently on gluten free diets. I am feeling better, so I will continue for quite awhile yet and I have been able to reduce some of my medication for my IBS.  So my life is adjusting to a new style of baking and buying of gluten free fours. I have one cookbook and am thinking of getting one more. The internet is a good source of receipes as well.  The hardest part is finding which store has which product and I ventured to a Choices on the weekend to pick up sorghum flour. The rest I was able to find on the north shore.  I have added a couple of other things to the mix, namely, dairy and egg free as well.

So I make up the pre mixes for  baking or bread or cake, and then go from there on the day  I cook. I seem to develop a fine film of dust everywhere as I measure and sift. The egg replacer is another dusty little mix.  Things have all turned out OK, but need a little refining as I come up with a better sized pan, a different rack in the oven etc. Some batters are runny and others so dry, it feels like a guessing game. I made orange pecan cookies last night. They are quite good.


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  1. Louisa
    Mar 02, 2012 @ 17:11:31

    Congrats on sticking with it and feeling better! I changed my diet too (lower carb) about 7 years ago and immediately went off the heartburn meds, lost 25 lbs and the IBS is nearly gone. However now I’m slipping back into old habits and gained 10 lbs back! Boo. Gotta start behaving again, huh? Not surprisingly, you ARE what you eat!


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