I received a Kobo Vox for Christmas. I haven’t been using the browser except to borrow ebooks from the library. I think I have figured out the process now, although I still like my DH to stand by incase I have forgotten some step.

I am not sure that I like the search for a book on line, I am keeping a list of what I read this year, although I won’t be writing any book reviews, just too much like school, I just rate them by the star system.  I usually just scroll through the available books rather than putting a hold on a more popular book. Even some cookbooks have a lot of readers wanting to peek inside the covers.  It is neat to get an email saying the book is waiting for you. It is easy to return them as well.

I find cook books pretty cumbersome so far, maybe there is a trick I am not using yet or haven’t found out about. I don’t like to scroll through the list of receipes each time, I’d like to just go to a section but if my finger scroll technique falters, I am back at the beginning of the list again.  One thing though is I can see what the receipes are like, I have been exploring a gluten free diet for the past 2 months. So I am looking for  a book that isn’t heavy on dairy or eggs as well. I am feeling so much better but I only want a couple of books, so I am trying to figure out what to buy.

The cost of a cover is too much for me to justify. I really just need something, while it is in my carry on when I travel. I like a really light purse, so I won’t be carrying it on a daily basis.

I got out some fabrics from the stash to see what I could make but then I recieved a small quilted bag, which will work just fine, so for now I can get on with regular sewing.

Tonight on line, I notice one will be able to get magazines on line from the library as well, although there may be a price involved with zinio but there is a lot of choice and it might be a good idea when I travel and like to have a new magazine with me. They have Knitter’s  available which has been removed from the library shelves.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Stephanie V
    Feb 04, 2012 @ 23:30:41

    I bravely downloaded a Kindle app. It’s OK to read on the laptop but not as nice as having a book. I’m not crazy about the paper online either but I’m not going back. I think it’s the scrolling and the back-paging that annoy me.


  2. Louisa
    Feb 07, 2012 @ 19:05:03

    I have Kobo Reader on my iTouch. I really don’t mind reading on such a tiny screen even though you have to turn the page more often. However I haven’t used it as much as I thought I would. To buy books is just about as expensive as the real thing and the quality of the freebies is variable. I haven’t yet explored the library’s offerings though I would definitely have to read a book a lot faster than I usually do to finish it before the due date!


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