Our last day in the Ukraine, the morning was spent at churches, a museum and caves.

The view from the river, the city and a very large statue .

The monastery of the caves

The sphere of good and spiritual renaissance, was wonderful.  half a sphere really with birch eggs painted by school children, light to dark, light pastels to bright vibrant colours. I quite loved it.

The afternoon, we had free time and went back to main shopping area. THere was a big celebration and the streets blocked off and large areas for the dignitaries to watch the performers on the main stage.

It was interesting to see nowhere to cross the streets  but then realized that the staircases led down under the street, it was a bit like a warren down there and we weren’t always sure which tunnel to go down. But each tunnel was filled with shops and food stands.  I went into the large department store, very dark, wooden counters, etc., managed a couple of floors but I was getting tired and really had no interest in further shopping and was ready to head back to the boat.

WordPress has added a different way to add pictures. You can click on them to see a larger sideshow.

The next morning we had to catch the bus at 2:30 am to head back home.

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