Project Spectrum 5

Project Spectrum is underway again, and we will be working with a different colour  each month. Although, it was started by a knitter, Lauren, it can encompass all aspects.  So you can read about the colour and how it is made, or it might feature the colour in a title. Think food, flowers, clothes anything that takes your fancy, then write a post, take  photo and put it on flicker. I think this is the third or fourth year that I have played along. So thanks to Lauren for organizing  it once again.

I have been knitting, a another pair of socks. I was happily working away, when I realized that I was working with the wrong colour for May. The colour was red, what was I doing with a yarn called Green Envy? Other than loving it, of course! It was a Red Heart yarn called Heart and Sole, Razzle Dazzle.  literally, saved by the label.

The usual 2mm, 64 stitches but this time the gusset decreases are along the sole. I was still playing with a mixed up rib pattern. I wore them today, I love the way they feel. That’s pair number 5 for this year.

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