New neckwear

I am not meaning a new scarf, but jewellry. Stone necklaces do keep me warm though, I don’t know why.

I got a new bradelet from my oldest son, and like last year, he said to wear it as is or take it apart and do what you want. So last night I played and got so inspired, I worked on two necklaces. One with my new turqouise beads with different silver beads in between and it is to be finished off with a chain. I did buy the chain today. Now it is Tuesday night the chain is in place but I am considering adding another couple of pieces to finish it off.  Here it is in progress.

The other stones have been in my possession for three years or so, a fancy oval agate from Toronto and small round jasper beads. While rounding up my supplies for the first necklace, I found some small copper balls.  I am liking them both, now to finish them off.

Another in progress picture.

I also have some red coral , some blue dyed coral discs and a few other pieces that I puzzle over. I am sure the right bead will show up, but red and white isn’t doing it for me. It is just too much like a candy cane.


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  1. Stephanie V
    Jan 05, 2011 @ 15:29:11

    I know it seems strange but I never thought about taking bracelets/necklaces apart and reworking them. I like both of yours – especially the agate with copper beads.


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