A bit of a surprise

I used to wander through the library and pick out books. I probably took no longer than 15 minutes. That was when I went by car and took out 6 or 8 books at a time. Back then the time limit was 4 weeks. Then the lending time shrank to 3 weeks.  I couldn’t get through everything so I cut back on a couple of books.

The newest books had a 2 week loan date and then some books had a quick read label for 7 days with no renewal. Some books were only half read as the fines mounted quickly at 50 cents a day.

Since moving to with in a couple of blocks from the library, it is just easier to stop in and take a look  on nearly  every walk.  I found myself checking out the magazines, having a read of the newest ones before I went back home. I usually just found myself in the new book, section  and recommended reads on the main floor.

Now I get even lazier some days, I online search the newest books. I reserve a few, then just wander by the library and see if any books are on the hold shelf for me. I ususally forget what I have requested, so it is a surprise what the next read will be.

I requested a few the other night, I wonder what will be waiting today.


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