Vogue 8636

There are now two sewing groups in the Vancouver Guild of Fibre Arts,( there are also 2 knitting groups as well.  I belong to the Sew and Sews.  At the  Guild Christmas party, there is usually display from all the groups. This year the challenge for the sewers is a Marcy Tilton pattern from Vogue 8636.

I am using one of my new mesh knits, it’s pretty wild with words, which include Promise, knitting and bathing suits are for beauty pagents.  It is also a great combination of colours for my wardrobe, a I can see it with jeans as well as other solid colours.

 I am not a big fan of raglans, I took in my normal depth adjustment in the upper chest and arm, and I probably didn’t need to do it with this pattern. It is not too tight or binding because of the knit but next time, I will use the pattern straight out of the envelope.  Well, except for one thing, I lowered the front neckline one inch. Quite a few pulling lines, still have some work on this pattern, although it could also be the light weight of the fabric combined with my adjustments.


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  1. Louisa
    Oct 20, 2010 @ 16:56:08

    I think your top turned out really cute! I also tend to avoid raglans but sometimes they surprise me and look ok. Did you do an FBA? Maybe you just need a smidgen more room for the “girls” to eliminate the pull lines. I also think it’s interesting that as we mature our head and neck go more forward causing the neckline to need adjusting. Somebody needs to start a pattern line for women over 50 so we don’t have to make so many adjustments! Or alternatively, the secret of how to return to a 25-year-old body. 🙂


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