Project yarnway for March.

The challenge for the design was to use something not produced for knitting as the material to work with this month.

Well, what non regular knitting material would I work with. I did paper once, I used paper streamers and knitted a crown, had visions of what neat Christmas hats they would make to wear instead of the paper crowns that come in the crackers. But one was all I made and One friend saw it turned it upside down and tried it on as a collar, I think I like it better as that. The crown was in Alterknits.

I have cut out jersey fabric into strips–too stretchy and combined with a different yarn it did not work out well.

So I’ve  been thinking and looking at things.

I don’t want to work with anything too thick. I know people who weave with different materials, kelp, wood, metal but there is a lot of twisting and looping needed for knitting.

So what is out there that might work, silk hankies, plastic lacing, wire, long grass-(too damp this time of year-) and I’m not shipwrecked on an island making a shelter). fabric torn into strips, same with plastic bags, (that is not for me).

I suppose that I could use leather cord. ( I tried this too hard an end project for what I had in mind.)

How about serger thread, I could start with a strip of fabric and serge over to create a new yarn. I could also cover ribbon, raffia or paper.

I am more into accessories for this challenge, so I thought of leather cuff for a coffee cup, an wrist cuff, a cord necklace, crocheted flowers.

I even thought of knitted dough, someone did that, I am glad someone was brave enough to try.

I have the feeling that for this challenge I am  sitting out on the sidelines cheering on the participants.


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  1. Stephanie V
    Mar 23, 2010 @ 00:25:54

    I think you could knit with paper…while reading this post I was imagining crepe paper because it has a bit more flex than regular paper. I hope that you’re cheering me on as I accelerate through version 2. This week will be tough. I’m getting a bit tired of cutting leather ;0


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