Two New Books

Since I joined project Yarnway at ravelry, I have purchased a couple of books.
Fitted Knits by Stefanie Japel and Design it, Knit it by Debbie Bliss. I am enjoying both books and am picking up some useful hints. There are good pictures.
My last 4 sweaters haven”t fit as well as I like,.
One I followed a pattern and it was too large. The other 3 I designed. One was a halter top for the 2006 Olympics, I wore it a couple of times and then I ripped it out. The second top was made, my first attempt at a wool cardigan– too short, too wide at the back and I intend to have another attempt at it!The third one is a bamboo tank– it has been taken apart twice and I am losing patience.
Last year, I knit sock and scarves most of which turned out well. This year, I’ll commit to Project Yarnway, hopefully, I ‘ll learn something during the design process and from my new books, other wise, I’ll continue on the same path with knits I’m not pleased with wearing.

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