Olympic countdown

It is now less than 30 days till the start of the Olympics. So the city is putting up banners, and getting ready. I don’t normally go over to Vancouver, so I haven’t been inconvenienced yet by road closures, closed parking lots and detours. If I go over town, I’ll be taking a sea bus and walking around  the downtown core.

There has been a great increase in the amount of merchandise, so has been out for at least a year but now besides clothing and mugs and glasses, now comes out all the pins, notepads, backpacks, shopping bags, slippers, more varieties and colours of knitted scarves and hats.

I confess I have tried on a couple of hats, the toque and a hat with ear flaps. One size fits all except for the fat heads, so they don’t fit me. I never did see the red mittens in my size.  I don’t know if the torch is going to be on the north shore, I’d love to go and see it while wearing something special. We did see the torch when the Olympics were in Calgary.

Cypress Mt is now shut until the Olmpics, now if we could get some colder weather instead of rain.   Still there is a lot of time for a dump of snow on the mountains and hopefully we don’t get any snow at the lower levels.


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  1. Stephanie V
    Jan 14, 2010 @ 15:20:39

    I have red mittens! And the torch is going to go right by our house on Feb 10th! About noon. We’re having a torch party in the driveway. Come and join us…have soup. Later in the afternoon it’ll be at the LV Town Center (where the library is) and then it will make its way along LV Road . I understand it will also be in Lower Lonsdale somewhere… Esplanade, I think.

    Yes, we will have snow – up there!


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