Thoughts on awareness

Those were interesting responses to awareness. I have always liked the details on just about everything. I hope there is some impact in my art and in my photographs.

For me and  awareness, I was aiming for something else. Mostly, awareness of what I am eating, instead of just wolfing food down not paying attention to calories, my digestive track(which rebels),  or even whether or not I am even hungry.  I’d like to aware of my waist again, it has been mostly ignored. Some how my waist has always needed a larger size than anything else but it would be good to lose a few inches. Hopefully my cholesterol will continue to go down.

I had not considered mind/body awareness until I was at physio on Sat morning. I was telling my physiotherapist that slight uneven surfaces really cause sharp twinges in my ankle. I am Ok, if I see the surfaces ahead of time, but if I am carrying something and miss the change between carpet and tile, yikes.  So to change my awareness, without a visual cue, when I am walking will be my new challenge.  So more strengthening exercises but with my eyes closed to help get the new connection between my brain and my feet working a little better.


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  1. Stephanie V
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 15:58:54

    Interesting…you made me think of underfoot surfaces in a different way. And ‘awareness’ too.


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