Nearly ready for the big day.

The tree is decorated, it sits in the family room off the kitchen, there really isn’t enough room in the living room. So it will require one more trip back to the storage locker to put away the boxes until after Christmas. I haven’t put out all my angels, that is my big collection of over 100,  but there is a lot of them on the tree, some on the mantel and a few on the side board. The is still one box of Christmas decorations missing. We have gone through the storage locker twice and that’s all I am doing this year but I will still have another search in the storage room downstairs.

I have done a lot of needlework over the years and had a lot of fun designing some of my own patterns, I do like getting them out at Christmas time and this year I have a red, green and gold sampler I did for my parents years ago on my mantel. Most of the year, I don’t have my needlework on the walls.

I finally got a couple of photos taken, but I wrote this on the 8th, still haven’t found the one box of Christmas stuff. The  little sachet pin cushion ornaments I designed but the snowmen were a pattern. They are about 15 years old.


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