Reconsidering my Stash

I have been up and down the stairs so many times, carrying yet another box of stuff, I am rethinking the stash. Each time I approach the stairs, I check to see if it is clear, I count the stairs, and then say a prayer that I made it safely. Tables are stacked high, the boxes on the floor come up to the same level, the books cover the window seat up to 20 inches deep, the bookcases are now nearly empty, I am exhausted.
New carpet is going into the wardrobes as well, so we are taking out the shelves and drawers, so the carpet goes underneath rather than up to the edges of everything. So the clothes are moved into the office and studio areas.
So after it is all carpeted tomorrow, I get to reverse the process! I don’t want to take anything back up those stairs that I don’t want to keep or that doesn’t have a designated place.
There is an awful lot that hasn’t been touched in the last year.
The fabric stash and all the related items stays. The beads and jewelry bits stay. The books, will have to get weeded out, rubber stamping magazines are going somewhere. Dolls are mostly packed up but I’d still like to display some of the old creations, and when ever I put all of it away, somehow, I am always inspired to start a new one. Knitting, that stash has been growing by leaps and bounds with all the related bits, so I should get realistic, I really only knit socks, scarves, dishcloths, fingerless mitts and the odd sweater that doesn’t fit as well as it should.
Maybe the stash should be approached by not buying but that doesn’t appeal, maybe if new stuff comes into the house I should get rid of something else to make space.
Some decisions need to be made, I somehow that that it is unlikely to happen any time soon.


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  1. Marji
    Nov 26, 2009 @ 03:13:42

    Sounds wonderful, getting all new carpeting.
    Enjoy the new environment. I have to say I agree with you, on the one in/one out philosophy.


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