Old family superstitions are hard to forget, they reside in the memory until suddenly it seem appropriate. My one grandmother had a number of them and they covered a variety of subjects. If you were unfolding a sheet to make a bed and if there was a diamond shape in the folds—-you would hear of an upcoming wedding, Each piece of dropped silverware also had meant something.(I can’t remember the details, something to do with visitors, I think.)

But the saying”things happen in Three’s” oh my, that can apply to anything and everything. It seems to me mostly bad, illness, death, and often broken dishes! So when I got that stinger in my foot and then twisted the ankle  on the same foot, I thought this had better stop at two incidents. It was healing nicely. We were nicely settled in  Saskatoon, visiting, and now it was time to get out the sewing stuff.

Long story short–I missed the bottom stair, I was watching the hand rail because I had a large rubbermaid container in my hands, the railing was shorter on the side that I was watching. My toes rolled under my foot—so lots of ice, massage, and keeping my foot elevated. I am able to walk, I am quite nervous about uneven surfaces, so will probably need some physio at a later date. It sure didn’t do my previous injury an favors.

So now I am back at the physio, trying to make my ankle more stable. The physio says that kind of fall often results in a broken bone, but I was lucky.


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  1. Stephanie V
    Nov 05, 2009 @ 23:20:28

    Good thing you were ‘lucky’. Not such a fun thing to have happen, though. Must have made travelling a little more difficult.
    BTW, it’s a man coming if you drop a knife; a woman, if you drop a fork; and a child when you drop a spoon. My mother had the same superstition…among many others. What’s funny is she would have denied being superstitious…and then knocked on wood.


  2. Louisa
    Nov 07, 2009 @ 19:32:18

    Good grief, woman! Please take care of yourself. You’ve had more than your share already recently, don’t you think? I don’t know if bad things really come in threes but we sure notice when they do!

    Big hugs!


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