New books

Thanks to my blog friends for sending words of sympathy on the passing of my mother.

I bought a few books while away on vacation.

A metalworking book for my jewelry, IMG_0018I have a lot of tools  and some pieces of metal and unfinished pieces that just need a bit more work. I took a course at night school and got to use all the big power tools and tanks of gas, this was a few years ago and I was a little out of my element.  I still wear the brass cuff bracelet. Some students in the class were newbies like me, but several had been coming for years and making some really nice rings and necklaces. One woman was doing several pieces for a one woman show, it was based on the different areas of the world where she had lived.  She was very inspiring as was the teacher.

The next book on altering photographs appeals to me as well,IMG_0017 back in the day when one got the film developed and reprints, the hoarder in me just couldn’t throw them out. Now if I can find them, I know I moved them, maybe I can have a little fun with various other media to do something with them. I know one can do all this on the computer but I am not ready to go there yet.

The last book by David Coffin, on trousers. IMG_0019It is a great reference book with lots of ideas. I have had his shirt book for years and refer to it often.  He does state that to get a pair of pants that fit, you should just draft your own pattern, rather than making alterations to a ready made pattern.  That statement alone stopped me in my tracks.


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