Award time.

(I’ve been trying to post the award picture but it is beyond me today) It is really pretty.

Stephanie from Rowanberry studio has given me the Splash award.  I am inspired to make a doll to match the award.. I was to pass it on to fellow bloggers. Who have blogs which allure, bewitch, bemuse, impress or inspire:

Here is my list of blogs I look  forward to reading:

Trish, Second Cherry, lives in France, is English and has interesting comments on a number of subjects.

Materfamilias, writes on clothing style , travel and life in the Gulf Islands.

Liana, a knitter, an excellent sewer and lover of fashion.

Shannon,  sews a variety of clothing and writes about nail varnish once a week.

Cidell, sews, travels and is a Burda WOF fan.

Maggie, stitcher and educator in the UK, innovative techniques, Workshop on the Web. travels and documents her inspirations.

Ruth,  lives in Whistler, dyes yarn, designs knitting and jewelry, wonderful photos of the area and a new dog.

Andrea, from the UK, has her finger on the latest designs, fashions and knitting.

These bloggers get to pass the award on to bloggers whose blogs

allure, bewitch, bemuse, impress or inspire:


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