Project Spectrum 4 west

Project Spectrum 4 is in the final phase for this year. It is so much fun to take part in an adventure like this. Lauren leads this group and I have taken this from her blog,

Looking WEST
Color: Blue
Material: Glass
Season: Autumn
Element: Water

Blue, at one time my favorite colour. It still ranks pretty high on the list and blue sock yarn, blue fabric, blue berries. I like them all .

Water is the element, living so close to the ocean, water doesn’t need a season for me. It is also a variety of different colours, the Fraser river is muddy, the ocean kind of greenish, but can be grey, dark blue and yet another colour in the sunset. There is also the rain, sometimes it is just heavy thick air, and other times it just plummets from the sky.

Vancouver has a new sculpture, The Drop, at the new Convention Centre. I haven’t seen it in person but it was featured in the paper on Thursday morning.

Glass, material, another beauty. My favorite artist is Dale Chihuly, his work is wonderful and I have seen a couple of installations, there is one in Vancouver and I think, I have seen three gallery shows and also the train station in Tacoma. The first time I saw his work, I thought, ah so this is genius. So beyond my comprehension. To imagine a form and to be able to create it in glass.

I have always lived in Western Canada but I won’t be doing much with looking west for the next month. We are off to Quebec by car, I won’t be looking west until we turn around to come back. I am going to try and post my experiences as we travel.


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  1. Stephanie V
    Sep 07, 2009 @ 16:34:45

    Have a good time travelling east. Quebec is on our list – haven’t made it yet. I’m looking forward to your travel posts.


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