Slowed down but still moving

On Aug the 3rd, I twisted my r ankle, it is still taped up and I am hoping today that the tape comes off for good. It came off a couple of weeks ago but it was too soon and my foot was quite painful and swollen. Evidently it is a torn ligament. Thank goodness, I was hanging on to the stair-rail when i misjudged that last step. So besides having physio twice a week, I also had osteopathy this week as well. So since then I have been feeling very energetic. It’s been two days since I wrote the draft, I have an air cast on at the present time.

We had our youngest son and his wife staying with us for a week. We had a big party, lots of food and a really good time. A little sailing for them, a trip to Gibson’s landing for the fibre festival, down to Granville Island to see the shops, some more shopping, etc. The boat engine was overheating, so hubby has been working at taking it apart, and got it repaired with assistance from said son.
There was knitting on socks, crochet lesson and lots of reading and this is when my foot was resting snuggled in ice packs.IMG_0135


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  1. Stephanie V
    Aug 28, 2009 @ 14:09:10

    Oh, that’s too bad. I hope that the ice packs also kept you cool on the hot days. What a thing to happen! Glad you’re coming along better now…and with crochet skills added. Good for you.


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