Knitted Tank

Now is the time to knit a summer tank, and I have been using Eden by Madil. Lovely bamboo that does drape wonderfully but splits a little on the needles. I totally restarted again, I had nearly two balls used in the back but my tension had changed and after some swatches decided to try my new knit picks needles and went down a needle size in the process. I changed the ribbing as well and am much happier. The back is done and I am planning ribbing around the neckline and the armseyes. So it is a nicer looking fabric and I now have a few inches done on the front. I am still not sure about increasing to make the bustline larger on the front. I keep running it over in my head, hopefully I won’t have to frog too many times.
I took the old yarn and wound it into a couple of hanks and rinsed them separately and the first one the water had gone down the drain, the second one the water had stayed in the sink and I hated discovering that the water was pink. It doesn’t look a lot different, but I had ordered extra yarn and hope that I don’t have to use those two balls. If I do I’ll be using it in every second row.

I don’t have a picture yet.

We are leaving on the boat today for a couple of weeks of sailing. There are a couple of  meetups over the weekends. I have crafts packed up for the evenings.


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