2 new necklaces

After wearing a coral necklace, a couple of weeks ago, I decided I wanted a coral bracelet as well. I knew where most of my beads were but not my strands of beads or special beads. I looked in every box in the storage room, was pretty sure they weren’t in the off site storage and was starting to feel desperate. I was finally able to find it in my sewing room in one of the large boxes, that I had looked in several times but was always put off sorting it out. On top were a bunch of bottles of glues and paints that I didn’t know where to store. I was so excited to find my missing beads. I laid a towel out on a table and brought all my beads and findings and most of the tools downstairs.IMG_0160
I decided to work with some beads that my friend, Anne, had given me for arranging our Fabric Tour in Portland a couple of years back. They are the six big beads in the photo.IMG_0163
I only used beads in my stash, old puca shells, glass beads, African beads from my eldest son, other assorted beads and curved beads from an old necklace.
These necklaces seem to be a real departure from my usual style but they look fabulous on blue and now need to make a new top or two.

I am looking for one more thing, a rusted axe head, I think it is here someplace, I have an idea for a wall hanging and I want to rust fabric for it. Obviously, it is safely tucked away somewhere, but I’d like it to appear sometime soon.

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