It will Do

It will do is one phrase that I don’t like. I have used it many times, usually I think “that will do, for now.” It just sounds so unsatisfactory, just not quite finished, a better job could be done, usually I am tired and I don’t want to tidy up any more. In sewing and knitting, maybe I haven’t learned the skills needed to do a better job, maybe I’ve had to make do with what is available.
Any rate, I made a cardigan, and it will do. I am not just happy but more disappointed. It is wearable. The next sweater will have some of the problems taken care of, for instance, some shaping in the bust, less full over the flat butt, and slightly longer in the body. Those changes should have occurred naturally, they are the same adjustments needed in sewing. The sleeve heads are not a pretty sight.sweater
This is just the sewer and knitter talking who has to point out all the errors.

This is knit using Briggs and Little yarn, it was very economical at just $3 a ball  at the Kitchner-Waterloo event last year. I made my own pattern, I just couldn’t get gauge for anything else.

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  1. Stephanie V
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 02:18:04

    Hmmm…I understand your frustration. Those ‘homespun’ worsted weight yarns are really hard to fit to a pattern which is suitable. Even if you get gauge the fabric usually has less flexibility. That’s what’s going on with my Iris cardigan right now. I’m hoping to wash and block some of the weirdness out. As you say, making do is not always the happiest result.


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