Project Spectrum North report

I know that I haven’t posted a lot but somethings were accomplished. The colour for the last two months has been green.
Knitting: one pair of green socks, “splots” my own design: second pair of green socks 3 done.greenives2
Sewing, 2 UFO’s;, both blouses, green colours, neither all that great, there was a reason they were left unfinished.
New blouse BWOF #123, from 02/08, second time with that pattern. I am fairly pleased with it. The fabric shed like crazy but now that all the seams are encased, I don’t have to lint brush my clothes every time I turn around, I am quite happy with it. I really have an abundance of green fabric.

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  1. Stephanie V
    May 03, 2009 @ 20:25:12

    Green is such a lovely color. And there are so many shades…I looked at one spot on a hill the other day and counted over 20 shades that were visible.
    What can we do with the UFO’s that should remain so?


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