knitting options

I have tried knitting a paper crown, it did turn out quite well but never got around to knitting party hats. I really don’t like the crowns that come in Christmas crackers.
I’ve looked at the wire in my jewelry supplies and just feel that crochet just wouldn’t work that smoothly, I’d get a bunch of kinks and knots that just would lead to plain old ugly.
I tried cutting up some jersey material to knit with, I soon abandoned that. I couldn’t get the right tension and it was more thick and thin, than a nice even width.
I’ve never wanted to knit with recycled plastic yarn from store bags.
Old cassette tapes intrigue me, I have lots of it but I can never envision it as a finished project or even something that I would want to own.
Maybe a purse for a recycled art show challenge or a little hat.
So recently I have seen a couple of sites that got me thinking again.
I really like the knitted wire jewelry in this book.
I also saw this website.

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