Default pattern

A friend wrote a few posts ago, that her default knitting was socks. I must admit that is my default knitting as well.
I have been thinking about what I am attracted to when I see fabric. What is the must buy?

It will be no surprise to my children but my favorite pattern is paisley. Big, small, it doesn’t matter. Next test for me is colour and the hand of the fabric.
Some blouse fabrics currently in the stash.

Certain stripes, especially black and white, just make me dizzy. I have a fondness for seersucker, it must date back to my childhood, as does the paisley. I like impressionist flowers. Although, I don’t wear plaids, some I adore.

But back to paisley, I buy paisley paper for cardmaking when I can find it, and I have carved a paisley stamp. It wasn’t terribly successful no doubt I need to work on that particular skill.


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