A pre trial of Olympic facilities.

I was ready with my tickets to the World Cup Short track Speed skating, when I spotted the PNE bear outside of the Colliseum. I wanted to show my support for an Olympic event without having to stand out in the cold.
We had some good seats in the end zone and they raced toward us and then turned the corner.

It was very exciting with lots of Canadians on the podium. Very hard to get photos, I got lots of empty ice, part of blurry skaters. I finally learned less telephoto, aim the camera, watch the action and press the button before the skaters get into the frame. There were several photo finishes, a couple of falls. We got handed Bambams at the door, they are inflatable plastic tubes you hit together to make noise and with less than 5000 people in the stands we needed them. My throat was sore from screaming. The bottom photo is of Apollo Anton Ono. There was a very vocal Korean crowd cheering on the world champions. It was great fun for the afternoon.
It was exciting with only four people racing but when the relays started, WOW. The rink was full, 27 laps for the women and 45 for the men.


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  1. Michael
    Oct 28, 2008 @ 11:35:00

    The Bear looks good. It sounds like the best place to watch speed skating is in the corner. At the finish it would be to hard to tell who won.


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