We had a good time

We are back from four days in Toronto, visiting ds, dil and the cats. So what did we do?
First up was the Boat in the water show in Toronto, and while the men did that, the women did Queen Street W and Richmond street, neither of us had made it to Kings Fabrics before on our fabric jaunts.
Photo top to bottom, nylon lace paisley print, bamboo coral knit, poly print, wool herringbone green. We looked at a lot of knit dresses and sweaters, some well designed coats and Fluevog shoes, evidently the Twist Collective shoes with all their sock patterns were all Fluevogs. We both came home with fabric. We met up with the men for drinks.
Saturday, out in the pouring rain to Kitchener Waterloo to check out the wool. We got a few goodies.

Sunday was knitting and Roman Legion Re-enactment armour assembly. Our son in his gear. Heather and I took a a look in Yorkville as well and Accessity was my destination to buy a Hampton bag from Baggallini. I got the one I wanted, there are not a lot of stores in Canada selling these bags and the website is quite extensive. I intend to take this bag on all of my trips as it is lightweight, well built and has enough pockets for everything. I was going to get the bag anyway, but now it was a necessity to carry my stuff home.

I have knitted all the pieces for Hey Teach, it looks a little big but that is the way it will be. I also finished the toe on DH ‘s sock and started the second sock on the way home on the plane. Hey Teach is being blocked.

The weather is so overcast, so picture taking is iffy. When the sun comes out, I’ll photograph the wool.
Heather helped me by putting a flag counter on my blog. I am amazed at the visitors and thank each and everyone for having a look.


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  1. Heather G.
    Sep 19, 2008 @ 02:38:00

    I emailed you some pictures of your one acquisition… it’s fun to see Mike all armoured up on your blog!!

    We had tons of fun! Thanks for coming!!


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