wool and fabric

I finally have something to talk about, the fire scarf and matching garter stitch wristwarmers are done, it was the kitchner stitch along the length of the gloves that kept me from posting earlier. The yarn was from the Skein of the Month club from Webs back in January. The dark green fetching wristwarmers was the yarn I received from Webs in March.
Now the fabric. I sucumbed to the call of the blouse weight assortment for $20.00, on my last order from Fabric Mart. The bold print in the middle is the only one I really have trouble with figuring out a plan. The black and white plains would be good for lining, pale green stripe a shirt for me, the pink plaid is in the process of becoming a blouse for my 92 year old mom, she may get the navy,pink stripe as well but she is not as sold on it as she was with the plaid. The plaid flannel, I am still pondering. The package arrived within a week of them putting it in the mail.

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  1. Stephanie V
    Jun 23, 2008 @ 15:50:00

    What a fun bunch of fabrics. That bold one is the very one I love! It has a vaguely oriental look to it…maybe a kimono style with plain trim?


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