Dolls for the exhibit.

It has been quite the week of doll making, but I have accomplished my goals. My doll was nearly all hand sewn and as a result my right index finger is sore and tender. My hands feel pretty beat up today, I’ve had the spray paint out to paint the stand and rubber or contact cement stuff (really horribly stinky glue) is stuck to all of my fingers. So my hands have been going thru soap, paint remover and hand lotion and I hope my nails look better tomorrow.

I am quite pleased with my Venetian Peacock. I have been thinking of her for quite a few months but had trouble with the armature and then of course, I couldn’t turn the fingers worth a darn. The fabrics, I have collected over the last few years. I had fun using the fringe on the fabric.

My Fish Goddess series, is the most abstract I have done. It represents my feelings about the fishing industry and the problems of overfishing.
The artifact, was a yellow chamois and it was stanined with walnut ink and laced together with leather cord. The symbols on her are all ancient symbols for fish, water, rain and regeneration. The primitive doll with the net, and shell beads uses a watery cotton fabric. The doll with the polymer face is made with silk fusion and decorated with machine stitchery to look like waves and has beads to represent the rain.

Tuesday night is the opening reception.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Susan Italo
    Aug 20, 2008 @ 21:24:00

    These are stunning. I especially love the 2 more abstract dolls– they really speak to my soul.
    I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work!


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