Mail call

I have been working on a pair of socks and hope to finish them tonight. It is the first time that I worked toe up socks and with cotton and wool combined. The length is good and the fit is good. They are tough to get up over the heel but I’ve had socks that weren’t perfect before, so I think it is always live and learn.

I have also been sewing with fabric from Toronto, a great knit, love the colour. I am using a dress pattern but have changed it into a top and skirt. I think I will get more wear out of it that way, I have enough for at least one more top. I can also wear the tops with an white eyelet skirt and I have a white dotted swiss coat that I can wear with it as well. It will work well on my vacation.

My fabric from Fabric Mart came, I am very excited. The pima cotton is wonderful, it’s white and I use it for dolls, some great interfacing and a white canvas with a price I couldn’t resist. The silk jacquard came, $2 a yard and I have 6 as it is a bit narrow, it is for coat lining.

I am ready to start new socks, up next is Jitterbuy in the Sahara colourway.


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