For Remembrance

November 11, Remembrance day for Canadians. A day for wreaths of poppies at the Cenotaph, thanksgiving for the solders who gave their lives while fighting for peace, a day of ceremony and a prayer for peace.
My dad’s medals are saved in a box along with a few papers other keepsakes, and buttons from this uniform. I remember going to watch the parade of veterans at the cenotaph, as a child, but what I remember most are the poppies.
They weren’t always a piece of velvet vinyl, at one time they were made of cloth. I don’t know who made them, I suppose it was the women’s auxiliary. My grandma had a pincushion on her dressing table, covered with the poppies that she had collected over the years. The pincushion was faded blue and the poppies had faded as well. I suppose since the poppies were cloth, instead of vinyl, they clung to the coat, not like today, when I generally have to buy 2 0r 3 per season.(November 1-11)
I am going to France in the spring and one of the must see stops for me will by Vimy Ridge.


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