The end of the vacation.

Friday, we drove out to Salem a drizzly day, and we walked around taking in the sites. My big favorite was the Peabody Essex Museum, first it is a wonderfully airy space. A great collection of things including ship figure heads and lots of scrimshaw. A special exhibit on origami and I loved the horses from one sheet of piece of paper.

Saturday, we went to a different hotel closer to the airport. We took the Logan shuttle to the airport and then another shuttle to the hotel. Since it was a sunny day, we wanted to go to the USS. Constitution, we ended up on shuttle buses, the T, to get to North Station and then walked across the Charles River to the Charleston Navy Yard and got in line for the tour. We were both surprised that everyone had to undergo a security check, like the airport. We had a good tour and then walked back to the T.

Sunday was another beautiful day although windy. We returned to Faneuil hall, looked in more shops and went down to Boston Common, the trees are just starting to turn colours and are not near as developed as in Northampton. We did a block of the famous Newbury Street which is very high end.


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