Off to Boston and the Green Hat

Ever since I took the picture of the hat, I haven’t been happy with it. I was bored lately and took the scissors to it. The shape is definitely better but I am no further and haven’t posed with it on yet.
I have been quiet but busy.
Sewing:Two knit tops have been made and they are comfortable to wear, I took a couple of lousy pictures. I have nearly made a housecoat just the sideseams to finish off.

Sproingy is now finished, I’ll be looking for some more of this yarn, a different colour maybe.

This a Scarf Askew done with a fibonaci sequence. The pattern is on Magknits.The multicolour has a black thread twisted in it, I don’t have as much black yarn but so far I like the sequence.

When we’re in Boston, I hope to get to Webs, it is only a hundred miles away, so I read the blog to see what was happening in the store. She announced a great give away contest to promote a new book. There are going to be 101 winners, although judging by the number of Lotto tickets I buy without winning, the odds are not good for me. Go to the site and maybe you’ll have more luck.

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  1. Adriana
    Oct 05, 2007 @ 13:54:00

    The scarves look great! How did you make the hat? It looks really cool.
    I’m so jealous you’re going to WEBS. Make sure you bring an extra suitcase for the yarn 🙂


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