Two fibre experiments

The Lutrador and Lace experiment is nearly done and I think it will become a journal cover. I was going for a verdigris look. It feels quite rough still and not the kind of finish that I like on the cover of a journal. I like it to feel sleek in my hands and this one needs something else. I still might add some Rub and Buff metallic and parts may be cut off for artist trading cards. I love the part with the doily and the parts that have been pulled out of the scrim.

This little heart is an experiment with Angelina hot fix fibres and textiva which is also fusible. I was thinking of wings for a doll, when I added all the other bits on top it is leaning more to Victoria Secret models with their wings. For the knitters and spinners out there, there are 2 types of angelina fibres and some are not heat set. The Textiva the film, is sugar plum, opal sparkle on top of green peacock flash. Pink tingle and blue angelina fibres.

You can click on the photos to see more detail.

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