Yarn dye challenge

A couple of months ago, I challenged the girls at Friends Knit Together to dye yarn for each other according to the others colour and yarn preferences. We ordered our yarn from Knit picks and then sent a couple pictures of colourways that appealed to us. I sent actual pictures from magazines and they sent me pictures of fabric via email. It was a do the best you can with this scheme. I wanted wool and silk for my sock yarn. Heather dyed the top one for me, it was based on a flowering cabbage. Adriana did the second one which was based on a sunset. I love both of them. My mail came on Wed evening, parcels usually arrive in the late afternoon but to find it in the mail box at 8:30 pm was new for me.
This is one I dyed for myself, I was trying for pastels. Not quite what I was going for but like anything dyeing takes practice and experimentation.
I dyed dongeal yarn for Heather, lots of fun with the different colour flecks and silk and wool for Adriana. It was mailed off to them today, I was so tired after shopping yesterday, I just popped them in the envelope, trying to catch the 4pm pickup. I then decided that I was too tired and probably too late to get them in the mail on Thursday. It was a couple of hours later that I realized that I didn’t take any photos of the yarn I had dyed for them.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Heather G.
    Jun 02, 2007 @ 16:30:00

    I will take copious pictures when it gets here… provided I have camera batteries of course!!

    I am glad you liked it… I wish I could have gotten a duskier tone to the cabbage yarn, the picture you sent me is gorgeous!


  2. Adriana
    Jun 02, 2007 @ 17:48:00

    I am madly in love with your yarn; I may attempt to recreate it for myself.
    I dyed you the superwash with nylon, which you requested. I have more pictures of the yarns on my camera. I’ll send them to you.


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