Just a glimpse

One corner of the sewing room is nearly done, I still need to label drawers. I am still purging sewing things and did give my doll group several things the other night. The other bookcase is in a similar state but will photograph that side when my tv stand is all set up. Unfortunately the house still is full of the sewing room contents everywhere, so still lots of decisions to make yet.
I did a powerpoint presentation of the doll club’s work yesterday to 70 members of the needlework guild, it was good to see my friends again. I also had 2 tables full of dolls and materials used to make dolls.


It is another sunny day, so I hope spring has finally come to stay. This picture was taken a week ago, hubby out with some students. I am glad someone took pictures of our boat, and has let me post them here.

Lost and found:

I still haven’t found one piece of fabric, of course it is the favorite one I bought in Greece. I have unpacked all 23 boxes, and am trying to sort and put things where they belong. I found nearly 900 gms of fleece, at the bottom of a laundry hamper, filled with bolts of fabric. I won’t say how old it is. It does need a wash, and then carded. I am really tempted to get a new spindle. I have seen some I love to touch. I love the feel of wood and am thinking of going out to the fibre show at the Tradex in May.

A link to another fibre festival was posted on another group I belong to, certainly can’t get to them all. http://www.fibrefestival.com/ Take a look at the trunk show that is going to be there, I wouldn’t mind seeing that .

Happy Easter

Years ago, when I did a lot of needlework, I made a series of eggs. I think a total of 6 stitched eggs. I also collected stone eggs, some pottery some resin, a few candle shaped ones. I think one year I had 23 on display, this year only 3 eggs are on the mantle.
Happy Easter everyone.

My sewing room

Sewing room, I am moving stuff back into it’s new assigned space. The yarn has been moved, 12 large rubbermaid containers hold fabric, doll stuff is still scattered about. I am doing only half the room this weekend and then will tackle the other bookcase and start painting the tv stand and my desk.
Knitting: slow progress on socks, baby jacket needs a button and yarn ends woven in, but the seams are done, so is the dishcloth.
I got 2 books out of the library, Alice Starmore, Aran Knitting, http://www.amazon.com/Aran-Knitting-Alice-Starmore/dp/1883010330/ref=sr_1_1/002-6085428-1513650?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1175914767&sr=1-1
and Jill Eaton, Minnies. quickknits for babies and toddlers. I do need another baby gift so must start one soon but I don’t think I’ll be doing any aran sweaters, but her diagrams and history is neat, so I’ll be studying it for awhile.

Choose your sock yarn

I’ve been wasting time, if that is what you call blog reading. I have been having fun.
I first found this sock yarn store at the Gibson’s fibre festival last summer. I’d love to drop in one day when I am on my sail boat. In the meantime, looking on line is lots of fun. I haven’t yet ordered from them. http://funknits.com/
I am not quite half way through the second sock.

The yarn dye challenge is not making any progress yet, one of my nephews requested socks! I was shocked, I haven’t measured his feet or chosen a colour, but I do think superwash is the way to go. Last year I made fingerless gloves for all the young women of my family. I am thinking I probably have enough socks for myself for the next while so maybe I’ll try a few socks for others this year.

Old and New

Sock news-I was working on the toe last night and discovered a dropped stitch in the middle, I tried the crochet hook method of bringing it up where it belonged but it was so tight, I just ripped the toe completely up and gave up for now.
Baby jacket- nearly finished seaming up, the perfect button is somewhere in the 23 boxes of stored sewing room stuff.
Dish cloth- I just wanted to try one, one is enough, man, my hands ache knitting it.

Sewing- at a dolldrums spot, can’t decide just going in circles. Bought new patterns, just can’t get going. I sorted out my threads again, doesn’t sound like a big deal but it takes up 3 large tupperwear containers. I have found another 10 spools that need to be added. Can’t find my fabric I bought in Greece, I am assuming now that it is also in the 23 boxes somewhere.
Sewing room progress- I think I am just waiting for the baseboards to be painted, and the furniture to be moved back in by the professionals. My hubby still has to paint the ceiling and some trim. I have gone through 4 of the boxes, made decisions–I don’t need all of it.

Powerpoint presentation- nearly have it together, just need to work on my notes and organize what I am taking to show everyone.

New Project– do I really need another? Yes after all of the above, I need to do something creative. I am keen to dye yarn and will be doing an exchange with Heather and Adriana. http://friendsknittogether.blogspot.com/ No starting date or finishing date for this yet.

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