What? Knots!

I hate finding knots in yarn and in the last three projects there are knots in each one. A retailer told me that manufacturers are allowed 2 knots per ball. So with those odds I guess only 3 knots out of a possible 16 is an acceptable number, but I still don’t like it.
I love the end results of the little baby jacket and used an old button from my collection. Next time I use straights and stockinette stitch, I’ll use two different sized needles, I do have tension problems but it has been consistent through the project.

The sock another knot but this one is a little more frustrating to me, somehow the yarn changed orientation. So while it may look completely matching down to the heel the soles are going to be reversed!
Aren’t the colours pretty? It also feels luxurious. See on the right hand corner of the chair, how the shawl has lifted in the wind, that lovely rounded edge is the centre of the neck.
The shawl has been flipped the opposite direction and now the point of lack there of is evident. The little green patch beneath the centre holes was my starting point. I can’t imagine putting a tassel there to hold the triangular shape. Sitting on it would be uncomfortable and no doubt a tassel in that position, not the most attractive look for me. So there is the dilimma, before I sew in all the ends, block that tricky silk, do I unrip first? The stole I made from this yarn caused a number of heartaches as well.
Although, I ordered this book from Holland two days after I placed a Knit Pick order this came on Thursday. I took a class in doll making and costume called the Dutch Touch in 2004, so when the book was offered for sale by Ankie I went for it. Very European in content with inspiration for doll making. I had 2 bulletin boards in my sewing room and also various other boxes of inspiration, I am looking forward to organizing them on cardstock and putting together a book of my own.

My sewing desk is being painted a dark brown melamine–I feel like I’m painting with melted dairy milk chocolate bars. ——–Yummy but best not to do on an empty stomach, it is just so tempting to go on a chocolate binge.


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  1. Heather G.
    Apr 29, 2007 @ 23:48:00

    Knots in patterned yarn drives me insane! Knots in Noro, especially. Or in yarn that can’t be spliced.


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