Old and New

Sock news-I was working on the toe last night and discovered a dropped stitch in the middle, I tried the crochet hook method of bringing it up where it belonged but it was so tight, I just ripped the toe completely up and gave up for now.
Baby jacket- nearly finished seaming up, the perfect button is somewhere in the 23 boxes of stored sewing room stuff.
Dish cloth- I just wanted to try one, one is enough, man, my hands ache knitting it.

Sewing- at a dolldrums spot, can’t decide just going in circles. Bought new patterns, just can’t get going. I sorted out my threads again, doesn’t sound like a big deal but it takes up 3 large tupperwear containers. I have found another 10 spools that need to be added. Can’t find my fabric I bought in Greece, I am assuming now that it is also in the 23 boxes somewhere.
Sewing room progress- I think I am just waiting for the baseboards to be painted, and the furniture to be moved back in by the professionals. My hubby still has to paint the ceiling and some trim. I have gone through 4 of the boxes, made decisions–I don’t need all of it.

Powerpoint presentation- nearly have it together, just need to work on my notes and organize what I am taking to show everyone.

New Project– do I really need another? Yes after all of the above, I need to do something creative. I am keen to dye yarn and will be doing an exchange with Heather and Adriana. http://friendsknittogether.blogspot.com/ No starting date or finishing date for this yet.


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  1. Adriana
    Apr 02, 2007 @ 16:50:00

    I’ve had that happen with socks before too. It’s such a pain.

    Dish cloth cotton is not my friend. In fact, right now, no cotton in my friend unless is has nylon in it.

    I’m so excited for our dye exchange. Any idea what base yarns you want?


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