Two T shirts.

Two new tops from Kwik Sew 3338 both view A. The first picture, where I am holding up the picture, the hem has been pulled up but this is really comfortable. The other one is a stretch lace, very warm to wear, not nearly as much give in the fabric.

button video

This was on the Stitcher’s Guild, lots of buttons. I think it is quite clever.

The sewing room is gradually getting back together. I put my Shakira cd on to keep me painting. I painted some of most walls but I still need to cut in around the ceiling and floor and need to do a bit of filling today. There is still a lot of furniture in the room, plus the new flooring is stacked up and ready for installation next week.

I am at the finishing stage on 2 tops, just the hems to do. I really like working with a group of fabrics that co-ordinate, can’t wait for a few more items to be sewn.

Not Happy Feet

I made great gains on my latest pair of socks. I remembered how to do the heel and just raced to the finish. They fit nicely around my foot, but the toes complain when they are on, even a couple of rows would make a difference. I am trying to get up the nerve to rip back the toes add at least 1/4 of an inch. But first I must make a diagram with the number of inches and other pertinent information for my generic socks.
I really do like the colour of these socks.

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