Painting is not a life sentence

Home decor is a challenge and a thrill for me. Once I have made up my mind, I want to start now. The aging body needs recovery time, from any burst of decorating effort. Even shopping and finding the right things needs a good cuppa, some comfort food and a rest to recuperate afterwards.
The sewing room is coming right along. The first day, I didn’t last long maybe half an hour of painting effort. The second day, wow a full hour, painting to Shakira cd, kept me moving, not just my roller arm but the knees and back as well with more enthusiastic stretching. When my hubby, the dear man, took a couple of days off, he started painting, I felt like I’d had a reprieve. I hadn’t realized that I was feeling so stressed. Certainly didn’t know I felt like I had a death or life sentence. Such joy, it is starting to look good.


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  1. Heather G.
    Mar 11, 2007 @ 00:04:00

    And here I thought you were going to refinish your floors while your DH is away 😉


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