The first week of Feb.

I had a birthday this week and have had lovely treats of dessert. (Creme Brule, and Creme Caramel). Lunch out today, fabulous salad and seafood in the most yummy of sauces. Wonderful papers and a book on card making, cards and craft supplies. My hubby bought me the First Season of ER dvd, I didn’t watch it back then. There was 24 episodes, I will start my indulgence after Feb. sweeps, but I should be able to knit up a storm. The big surprise was a 19 inch flat screen monitor. I can sure see the pictures on the blogs now. The rest of the celebrations will take awhile yet.

The greatest thing was not a birthday present but it did get started on my birthday. We hired gardeners for a spring clean up. The yard has been weeded, leaves removed, clematis, hydrangeas and all trees and shrubs tidied up and shaped. All garbage moved away. I feel like now I can get the rest of the outdoor chores taken care of in record time. I am glad that I wasn’t gardening in the rain.


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