Problem Solving

Today the photo of the purse with the cut through the felt top. I was so pleased it worked and didn’t fall apart. I can now see the potential. Maybe beaded atc, small beaded clutch, a pocket on something.  They would all take a bit of work.
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The sock remains at this spot, I swear for 10 days, although for the last 5 I haven’t even touched it.
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A bright spot is this green and coral amarylis, unusual colour and a determination to live and bloom. I bought it in mid November and forgot it on a much crowded desk. I was horrified  to discover it at the new year, still in the net bag, all twisted about trying to find the sun.  I plunked its roots in water and it sits at a terrible angle but this is the third stalk. I am glad it was so hardy as I have good intentions in the garden shops  and don’t always follow throught with planting and the care needed.

I have started another blog over on blogger. It is for clothing, dolls and things related to fabric. This one will continue to be knitting, paper arts and the rest.      see you there and right now it is pretty bare, it is not pretty yet and that will be next on my agenda.


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