Boxes, Boxes

There are 23 cardboard boxes filled with the contents of my sewing room,  now stacked in piles up to the ceiling of the basement. I also have a rec room  packed up to the tv with fabric containers, wool   in more containers and assorted other containers and piles of excess, from behind the couch to the crafting area. There is no space in the rubber stamping area for anything else.

In the midst of this, I will continue to sew up starirs in the dining room, and work on the sock down stairs. I have been working on the sock and I am still on the heel. I was making good progress but screw ups continue or I drop a stitch or two and it is easier to just rip it out and start again.

I have been contemplating cutting my felt hat that doesn’t fit.  I had made a purse at the same time, I hadn’t photographed it, it was worse than the hat.  Last night, I got the scissors out and cut the black 4 inch band in a wavy line. I have pulled at it and played with it, and it still stays together. So there is hope for the hat and I will eventually cut the brim to size and adjust the height of the crown.  My hat is in one of the 23 boxes and it may take a few weeks until I find it again.

I suppose the next thing will be to rip up the sewing room floor.


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